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My new scheme is to show only my gardens on the "home" page. It's not that my gardens are so rockin' great; it's that my houses aren't! So here are some gardens I have built, weeded, watered, coddled and cared for. [Click the pix for larger views.] Patio garden, 2008

I've discovered the Best of the Best - FREE gardens, all planted in containers, and sitting outside on the sometimes sunny patio. Here we see basil, verbena, lobelia, dianthus, rosemary, lavender, impatiens, petunias, and tomatoes, and nearly all of them were excess/cast off plants from my gardening job. Containers included!

Patio garden, 2010
Marigolds, petunias, Belgian mum, salvia, angelonia.
Patio garden, 2010
All nicely arranged on a different patio.
Patio garden, 2009
Geranium, ajuga, celosia, impatiens, sage, and begonia.
Patio garden, 2011
Plus viola, chives, alyssum and sweet-potato vine.
Winter Garden, 2009
When the snow flies, the garden just comes indoors!
Community Garden, 2003
This little plot was my community garden one year.
Border Garden, 2002
I do so enjoy keeping a garden. This was at a previous residence. The space was small, but the flora abundant!
Viola, chives, columbine

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