Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH
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Questions and items of interest about the Park are addressed below, with topics arranged alphabetically.

Alcohol: City of Portsmouth ordinances do not allow any alcoholic beverage consumption in the Park at any time.
Section 8.123 states: “It shall be unlawful for any person to drink any alcoholic beverage or alcoholic liquor as defined in Chapter 175 of the N.H.R.S.A., upon any public highway, or while on any public sidewalk, municipal parking lot or municipal park within the City of Portsmouth.”
Section 8.126 expands upon the prohibition, covering the parking areas, and Section 8.206 discusses alcohol use in the context of the public behavior code.

Dogs: No Dogs at Any Time. This rule is underscored by the seventeen signs posted at entrances to the Park, and at points within the grounds. The photo to the right shows an example of this sign. This is a City of Portsmouth ordinance and pertains to all non-service animals. The ordinance does not make exception for leashed animals, for evening strolls, or for walking of pets on paved drives and paths.
A map of the eight designated Portsmouth Dog Parks is available here: Dog Parks.

No Dogs Allowed

Fishing: Fishing is allowed on the three wooden piers in the main Park, and on Four Tree Island. Fishing is not permitted on the two floating docks where boats are moored. As of January 2011, a NH Saltwater Recreational Fishing License is required for coastal and estuarine fishing. This includes the Piscataqua River at Prescott Park.

Gundalow at Prescott Park

Gundalow: The barge-like single-masted wooden boat docked near the Sheafe Warehouse at Prescott Park is called a gundalow. The Piscataqua is owned and maintained by the non-profit Gundalow Company. Programs, schedules and further info are available at the Gundalow Company website.

Lost & Found: Sorry, but there is no longer any provision made for lost items. If your item was left behind at an event, please contact the sponsor of that event. If your item is particularly valuable, please contact the Portsmouth Police Department.

Parking: Prescott Park visitor parking is located at the north end of the site. The lot has ten parking spaces, with an additional five handicapped parking spaces, available at no charge for up to two hours. The lot is monitored by City parking enforcement agents. If the lot is full, other parking options are metered street parking spots, and the municipal lots in town. See a City of Portsmouth parking map here: Parking Map.

Signage: Posting of flyers, ads, or any kind of signage by the public is not permitted. City of Portsmouth ordinance Section 8.207 disallows advertising in city parks, and also bans the posting of signage or announcements in any way in the parks.

Trees: Prescott Park gardens and plantings are for the visual pleasure and enjoyment of all. Pulling at plants and bushes or hanging on or climbing trees compromises the health of the plants and diminishes the public enjoyment of the grounds.
City of Portsmouth ordinance Section 8.202 prohibits climbing, damaging or injuring any part of a tree or plant, picking of flowers or seeds, or digging in city parks. It also contains a prohibition on attaching wires, ropes or other devices to trees or other plants.

Trial Gardens-25 Aug 2012

The flowers and plants of Prescott Park are supplied by these fine local and regional growers.

Prescott Park Plant Suppliers 2017 Birchwood Farms Piscataqua Landscaping D.S. Cole Growers Pleasant View Gardens UNH Thompson School of Horticulture

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