Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH
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About Us

Prescott Park Friends is a loose band of fans, admirers and friends of Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH. This website is, in effect, a fan page, and is not meant to supersede the official City of Portsmouth Prescott Park website.

Any claims posited by this fan site should be confirmed by phoning or writing the Prescott Park office. This website makes no guarantee concerning information posted herein. Please check with the Park office or the City of Portsmouth if there are any questions.

The information posted to this site is publicly available, online or through visits to the Park. With the exception of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) photo of the Sheafe Warehouse, the photographs are all our own, taken by ourselves, and are not subject to any copyright claims by others. HABS records were created for the US Government and are considered to be in the public domain. Maps from the 19th century are public domain. Modern maps are linked to

Formal Garden in August

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