Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH
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Please contact the office at Prescott Park for any inquiries concerning Four Tree Island grill reservations, lost-and-found items, or for information about using the grounds for weddings or other ceremonies.

The office telephone number is: (603) 431-8748
The dockhouse telephone number is: (603) 498-6816
The official street address is: 1 Water Street
However, the street address for your GPS is: 105 Marcy Street

The business office is located at City Hall: Prescott Park, 1 Junkins Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Please note that Prescott Park management is not the same as the Prescott Park Arts Festival. The grounds, docks and maintenance offices cannot help with inquiries concerning Arts Festival programming.

For further on rules and regulations governing the Park grounds, please visit the official City webpage at:
City of Portsmouth Prescott Park Regulations.

Trial Gardens in Summer

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